Art By Me
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About Us


Our webshop has been translated into English, but we work from the Netherlands and also ship to Europe and beyond.

Who are we? is a web store where exclusive collections of jewelry, fashion, but also paintings, drawings and other different products are displayed. Our jewelry is exclusive. From 1 copy to only a few available. That way you own something unique. 


But what is art?
Art is something that someone has put heart and soul into. For me someone who speaks of creativity in any way.
Someone once wrote, "Art communicates the artist's feelings and insight to the viewer and at the same time it opens up a new world of ideas and feelings for the viewer. A great piece of art turns the viewer into an artist too. 
I can't say any better than this. Watch and enjoy our creations ...

Welcome to "", Inspired by love for art and creativity and all the beauty that lies in humanity



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