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Key words blue kyanite:

communication skills, clarity of mind and logical thinking.
Operation blue kyanite: kyanite is a spiritual stone with a calming and balanced effect. It helps you manage your own life and to see that we are not puppets of destiny, but can shape our own future. The stone has a calming effect, brings inner peace and helps break through blockages and releases fear and frustration. It makes spontaneous, empathetic and encourages self-expression. It helps to be honest and sincere. Spiritually increases paranormal abilities and intuition and helps with meditation and making contact with guides. The stone works grounding and cleans the chakras and aura and brings them into balance. Physically, kyanite works to reduce fever and has a positive effect on the motor nervous system, flexibility, muscles, muscle pain, muscle diseases, kidneys and kidneys.


In addition to the general properties of kyanite, blue kyanite strengthens communication skills. It supports public speaking and is also a good stone for singers. In addition, it clarifies the mind, stimulates logical and rational thinking and helps with confusion. Physically, blue kyanite has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a positive effect on the throat, neck, vocal cords, larynx, thyroid gland, brain and infections.

Care blue kyanite:

it is better not to expose this stone to water too much.