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Aventurine Necklace


Aventurine Necklace

  • Aventurine gemstone
  • Silver necklace
  • Heart charm

Key words red aventurine: vitality, willpower and perseverance.

Operation red aventurine: it has a calming and protective effect and gives peace and a good feeling. It helps to attract happiness and prosperity, helps relax and makes you more patient, tolerant, positive, empathetic and creative. This reduces negative feelings such as anger and irritation. Aventurine helps you to focus on a goal and to work towards it by making you more decisive and helping you to continue. It protects against negative environmental influences such as electromagnetic radiation, pollution and the effects of water veins. Physically, aventurine is analgesic and calming. It also has a positive effect on the eyes, nervous system, muscles and connective tissue and can reduce symptoms such as stuttering and flushing.
In addition to the general properties of aventurine, red aventurine also has a positive effect on your personal strength and vitality. This activating stone stimulates decisiveness, assertiveness, perseverance, decisiveness and creativity. It helps you to set goals and to implement them.