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Green Tourmaline


Green tourmaline is also called verdelite.
Tourmaline has a strong cleaning and protective effect. The stone earths and brings balance to body and mind and converts negative energy, behavioral patterns and thoughts into positive ones. Tourmaline cleanses the aura and the body and removes negative energy. This balances the chakras, the body and emotions. This promotes relaxation, understanding, self-confidence, prosperity and reduces blockages, anxiety and assuming a victim role. Tourmaline has a special connection with flowers and plants. It promotes their growth and protects against pests.
In addition to the general properties of tourmaline, green tourmaline provides energy, strength, perseverance and courage. It attracts happiness, prosperity and prosperity. It makes you creative and helps you manifest positive things in your life. The stone also helps to make contact with nature and nature spirits and can be healing for plants and animals. Spiritually it is a very suitable stone to use in shamanic work, especially traveling to the shamanic lower world where for example contact can be made with power animals. Physically, green tourmaline has a positive effect on the heart, hyperactivity, ADHD and diarrhea.
Green tourmaline can be cleaned and charged in any way, but too much exposure to bright sunlight can discolor the stone.
 Metaphysical properties
Chakra: heart chakra (4th)
Zodiac sign: Libra